• 29 Dec, 2023

Transition to Retirement Pensions

After a lifetime of working, are the green pastures of retirement calling? Perhaps you’re not sure whether you’d like to retire permanently and enjoy doing part-time or casual work? If…

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  • 22 Nov, 2023

Online portal for foreign investors coming soon

With the new Register of Foreign Ownership of Australian Assets due to start on 1 July 2023, the ATO is making the transition easier for foreign investors and their advisers by…

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  • 3 Nov, 2023

Ride sourcing data matching

Continuing on from the theme of closing the tax gap of individuals for budget repair, the ATO has notified the public of the extension of an existing data-matching program on ride-sourcing.…

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  • 18 Oct, 2023

Is your content making you income?

If you start making money from your online content, you will have income to declare. You will also need to consider whether you are in business. If you are, or you…

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  • 5 Oct, 2023

ATO Alert: Diverting Profits to SMSFs

The ATO has issued an alert, warning taxpayers against entering arrangements where special purpose vehicles (SPVs) are used to divert profits of property development projects to SMSFs. Specifically, it is…

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  • 20 Sep, 2023

Tax Rates & Offsets for 2023-24 and beyond

Despite the calls to scrap the already legislated stage 3 tax cuts, the government did not announce any changes in the recent Budget, which means the tax cuts are still set…

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  • 8 Sep, 2023

Cheaper Childcare on the Horizon

Families struggling with the current cost of living crisis could soon have some relief with cheaper childcare coming mid-year after the government passed child care subsidy reforms. This was a component…

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  • 21 Aug, 2023

ATO Targets: Tax Time 2023

With the end of financial year fast approaching, the ATO has again released the areas it will be focusing on in tax time 2023. As with previous years, it will be…

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  • 6 Aug, 2023

Director Penalties

What is a director penalty? A company director becomes personally liable for the company’s unpaid amounts of: pay as you go withholding (PAYGW); goods and services tax (GST); and super…

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  • 27 Jul, 2023

Home charging rate for EV’s Released

The ATO has released a draft compliance guideline which contains the methodology for calculating the cost of electricity when an eligible electric vehicle is charged at an employee’s or an individual’s…

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