Research and Development

Accounting for Research and Development in Caringbah, Sydney

Research and development is the mother of innovation. But accounting for research and development expenditure and funding can be complex. Sutherland Shire accountant Mannion’s can untangle your research and development accounting, and our expert team of Sydney chartered accountants will work with you to maximise innovation spending to keep your business on the front foot.

What is research and development accounting?

Research and development can encompass anything from new product innovation to improving internal business processes. It’s all about finding new and exciting ways to build products, deliver services or boost your business operations. But that’s not free. Most successful businesses invest significantly in research and development.

Why is it important?

Any time you’re investing funds into your business, you need best-practice financial reporting to assess the performance of your investment. That’s how you avoid pouring money into black holes that are not returning. Research and development expenditure may also affect your tax obligations and reporting.

How can Mannion’s help?

The expert team of Sydney chartered accountants at Mannion’s can partner with your business to help you get the most out of your research and development investment. We’ll assist you to track key financial metrics you can use to assess your return on investment, and use your research and development expenditure to improve your tax position.

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