Asset Protection

Asset Protection in Caringbah, Sydney

Are your personal assets protected from business creditors? Business consulting services firm Mannion’s provides expert asset protection strategies that will help to protect your personal wealth if your business hits a rough patch.

What is asset protection?

Just as insurance protects you against risk, asset protection strategies can be used to keep your assets safe if someone sues you. However, this is a complex field and there are several laws that govern what you can and can’t do to protect your assets. Our asset protection experts are here to guide the way.

Why is it important?

Any personal assets that are held in your name — such as your family home — may be seized to pay your business creditors or as a result of legal action against you. These assets can be protected with careful planning and a thorough knowledge of asset protection and bankruptcy law.

How can Mannion’s help?

We are experts in asset protection. Our team carefully monitors existing and developing legislation that governs asset protection to ensure your assets are as safe as legally possible. Our wide range of business consulting services include the set up and management of asset protection trusts.

About Mannion’s Business Services

Mannion’s has a long history of delivering tried and tested business consulting services in Sydney. Our expert team has spent years helping our clients succeed with a full range of business consulting services that are all designed around building sustainable, long-term business and financial success. Mannion’s is your proactive business partner that is here to help you business grow today, and into the future.

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